Lady Wulfruna, St Peter's church, Wolverhampton

                            The Boydell Family Tree


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It all started with Osborne Fitz Tesson who held lands in Hanley, Gropenhale

(Grappenhall) and Doddleston

who was living c1086.

a quo 


Hugh Fitz Osborne who owned lands in Doddleston - living 1093

a quo


Osborne Fitz Hugh owned lands in Doddleston living 1124

a quo


William Fitz Osbert owned lands in Doddleston living 1155

a quo


Idonia (Idonea) sole Heiress = married Helias otherwise Helto de Boidele


above taken from Ormerods Cheshire


The Following taken from the Lawson Pedigree 1945.


The Pedigree of boydell of Doddleston & Grappenhall Co Chester.


Helias otherwise Helto de Boidele = Idonea (Idonia)


Helias otherwise Helto de boidele a benefactor to the Abbey of St Werburgh

Chester c1160. He and his wifegave the church of Hanley to St Werburghs

c1170 he died in or before 1180. Idonea sole heiress of Fitz Tesson's

domesday fiefs and lands in Hanley, Grappenhall, Doddleston in Co Chester

and Stainton Marden Wells - NewboldCo Lincs. In 1170 and 1242 ? dau of

William Fitz Osbert Lord of Doddleston, benefactor of St Werburgh and of

theNuns of St Mary's Chester c1155 Fitz hugh, Fitz Osborn, Fitz Tesson

c1081 & 1086.


4 1ssue


1) Hugh de Boidele in the time of Richard 1 (1184 - 1199) died without issue.


2) Alan de Boidele granted the churches of Doddleston and Hanley to St

Werburghs Abbey - died without issue.


3) Richard de Boidele living in 1200 & 1201 - issue?


4) William de Boidele Lord of Doddleston grantee of his Brother Alan of

Doddleston confirmed his brothers donations and was a benefactor of

Poulton Abbey near Chester. Was living 1200 died in the time of king John

before 1216.


2 issue


1) Ralph de Boydele 1257?


2) Sir William de Boydele, Lord of Doddleston, a benefactor of Dieulacres &

Slanlawe Abbeys about 1228 confirmed his fathers grants by deeds dated

1250 - 1258 died in September 1272. Inquisition post mortem 2/2/1273.

Bore a saltire on his seal in 1236 and three pierced mullets on a fesse on his

recumbent effigy in Grappenhall church said to have been inscribed HIC


MCCLXXII =Alice dau of Hugh de Dutton of Dutton by a dau of Numon

Masser Baron of Dunham Masser and Agatha de Thenay his wife


2 issue


1) Hugh de Boydel


2) Sir John de Boydel, Kt


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